“Laura’s classes are pure joy!  I absolutely love the freedom I feel in my body and the empowerment that comes from expressing my spirit.”
~ Laura Hollick, Visionary Artist, Soul Art Studio




“Be-You-tiful Girls Club Inc. was thrilled to have Laura Reid come and do a workshop at our Be-You-tiful Girls Day.  35 girls, ages 7-14 all did the expressive movement workshop as one big group. Laura’s natural ability to draw the girls in and make the experience inclusive and fun was fantastic. All the girls participated, even the other facilitators and volunteer moms ended up joining in. Going along with our initiative’s belief of the importance of creative expression, her workshop was a perfect fit.  The girls got to let loose, be themselves, and were encouraged to be free and expressive in their own way, which is something we teach girls.  The great thing about it is, that it celebrates the fact that we are all creative, energetic and artistic beings, no matter what age or background. She was able to show and teach the girls that there are other ways to express themselves, understand their bodies and it’s movements and also that there are other ways to keep fit.”

~ Queen Cee, Founder, Be-You-tiful Girls Club/When Sistahs Get Together



“A sense of confidence and mastery — the sense that you really do know, in yourself, how to move in a way that is healthy and joyful. Laura’s classes really bring this out.  Her laid back yet knowledgeable manner makes class a real pleasure. I so miss her class when I can’t attend!”

~ Susan McNair, Resident Psychiatrist



“Her unique background brings you the freedom to express your own creativity and enjoyment of movement.  I have not missed a single class unless it was absolutely unavoidable.”
~ Sandra Harper, Watercolour Artist, Retired Clinical Research Coordinator




“Laura is a wonderful instructor! She joyfully communicates fun, freedom and celebrating your own energy and beauty.”
~ Adrienne Young