7 Feathers of Yoga at Hamilton Film Festival!

Saying YES to a new multicultural global consciousness!

I was contacted by Hamilton Film Festival to do something so creative and inspiring I couldn’t resist!   A workshop and a movie! When I heard about this film, my heart sang!  As it happens, the work I’ve been developing recently, deeply resonates with the peace building message of the film.  Prior to the film, I’ll be guiding “7 Feathers of Yoga”, a holistic “East Meets West” learning experience that will provide a taste of what I have been working on!


Check out the trailer!

Fifteen North Americans follow Dr. Darrol Byant to India in a journey that inspires the imagination, challenges body and soul and transforms the spirit. Traveling Guru is a grand adventure in crossing borders and making new connections.  It’s the story of daring to leave the safe and familiar behind to invite authentic dialogue with what is different and new. It’s saying yes to a new multicultural global consciousness.  Students travel to India with Darrol Bryant to engage in their own first-hand experience with many of the world’s major religions. 77m / Marjonneke Grech / india / Burlington, On / travelingguru.org


Enjoy a peaceful East meets West exploration and delve into the interconnection between Yoga’s philosophy of  the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga and the Seven Grandfather Teachings of the Anishnaabe (Ojibway), First Nations.  A sequence of gentle Hatha Yoga poses weave the teachings together in a mind-body learning experience.  No prior experience is necessary to participate – suits all levels of ability.  Alternate relaxation positions are used if needed.

For tickets, go to http://hamiltonfilmfestival.com

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