I’m Simply Blossoming!

I absolutely love Haliburton County!  Simply Blossoming

It keeps calling me back and I return for so many beautiful reasons in my life – this time, it’s Simply Blossoming!

For those who don’t know, Simply Blossoming is in it’s 3rd year running as a women’s retreat dedicated to nurturing and supporting women. The retreat provides amazing opportunities for reflection, connection and rejuvenation though workshops, holistic service providers or just the chance to take a nap!

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“The Cherry Blossom is a dedication to the Buddhist tradition of taking time from daily life to acknowledge the splendour of the blossoms.  The Simply Blossoming logo symbolizes taking time away from Life’s distractions to acknowledge the splendour within allowing Attendees to Simply Blossom.” ~ simplyblossoming.com

Personally, I am really looking forward to spending time with the trees and capturing more footage for my upcoming videos. Though connecting to nature and my creativity is part of my work, it’s also a huge part of my self care. This time, I get to take my time a bit more and really soak in! Of course, I’m super excited about taking in a few workshops, moving my body and getting my silly on!

I’m honored to be leading the opening and closing healing circles and sharing my “playshop”:

“Blissprov!” – Improvise Your Way To Bliss.

Here is more about it:

No matter who you are, life really is about living in the moment!  We all tend think about the future, all the time. Planning, scheduling, goal setting etc., we’re always thinking about “what comes next!”.  True personal power comes when we are able to “BE in the moment”.  Being truly present with confidence and flexibility relaxes you and reduces anxiety.  It makes you better at whatever you do and makes each moment magical!
In this wildly creative and freeing session, you get to reclaim play! Use your imagination, pretend and have an absolute blast!  Plus, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best improv techniques and styles I’ve gathered over the course of 15 years of performing and teaching the art of Improvised Theatre.  Many leading businesses are incorporating Improv training into their creative and sales departments and for team development and building.  Now, I’m giving you the same powerful insight for your own life and business. You’ll have greater confidence for speaking, quick thinking and ease in your ability to expect the unexpected and “go with the flow” in life!  The most seriously important part of this workshop…PLAY and HAVE FUN!

Stay tuned, I’ll do my post-retreat write up on the flip-side!

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