Changing Leaves Moon – Waabagaa Giizis


I’m really feeling as though I’m once and for all shedding old leaves and letting my branches be seen!  Shedding the old, and visibility are the key celebrations for me this moon. 

I experienced massive shifts over June, July and August.  Now with the fall season, I finally feel truly free from all the little pieces that were holding me back.  House, heart and head!

So with a fresh start, I’ll share a fruit of intention. After much technical mischief, late night geek sessions and delay, I’m FINALLY ready to bring you “Earth Moves Transmission” podcast!  Full to the brim with fun, soul food for thought – the 3I’s (insight, inspiration and information) and for sure enough laughs to go around!  The first episode launches Oct. 1st!

There’s much more to come!  But for now, take a moment and reflect on what Changing Leaves Moon means to you, and how can the insight serve you in practical, actionable ways?  I’d love to hear! Feel free to share in the comments!

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  • Judy Hamm

    I can feel a change within my spirituality, a different yet somewhat similar way to my thinking, but enough change to make a difference and help my journey take me where I truly belong and can do the most good. I look forward to your podcast…I will be tuned in! You have a wisdom I long to learn from!

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