April – Sugar Moon

pf005537April – Sugar Moon – Ziisibaakadake Giizis

This is the month my son was born.  I was also born in April, and experienced my rebirth as I delivered my son.

April is the time of Mother Earth’s labouring.  Her waters begin to flow, as she is getting ready to birth new life in spring. The sweet water flows from the trees.  The streams, rivers and lakes begin to thaw.  The water awakens.

I honour my mother, her incredible strength and resilience in bringing me to the earth.  I remember my own journey to motherhood.  In a warm tub of water, breathing low into my roots while waiting to look into the eyes of my life’s greatest creation.

I think of the water in my body.  I dance and sweat.  My heart rate rises and my blood flows faster.  I move the water in my body to honour the water of my earth mother.

Gchi’ Miigwech, Great Thanks

Nokomis Giizis, Grandmother Moon

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