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Blue Star Woman

Hello, my name is Blue Star Woman!

There is much to be said about authenticity.  For me, being authentic means that I am showing up honestly in ways that align with my business.  Since whole being health is what Earth Moves is all about, then here I am!

I use Anishnaabe (Ojibwe) words occasionally in my posts on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t feel the *need* per se to explain it, but I’d like to share a bit about it.

My whole being needs it.

For me, whole being health includes learning the language of my ancestors.  I have reached a point where the language is key to my own development and growth in learning health, environmental and spiritual systems of knowledge.  I also want to be a good role model for my son and if I’m lucky, my grandkids!

“Learning Ojibwe is a healing learning. It is geared towards helping ourselves, our people, the environment. The language becomes part of you; every time you learn one sound, one word, it changes you. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, the ability to speak the language of our ancestors is a gift. We need the language to be able to connect to the spirit world that connects us all.”

~ Larry Beardy, Anishinaabe traditional teacher

I am very slowly trying to learn.  I’m very lucky and heard the language a lot growing up and I took classes when I was young.  My father is an Anishnaabe  language teacher (his story is hugely inspiring!) and I am trying to learn more from him.  A big challenge is that I don’t have many people to practice with. I live in a city, and there just isn’t any consistent place where I can find a group of people who speak it.  So here I am, in the concrete forest, connecting deeper into my Anishnaabemowin ishinaamowin (Anishnaabe worldview).  One word at a time, anywhere, including my business.

“But at the end of the day you got to wake up in the morning and try to make the world a better place”

~ Tom Hanks

Call me a dreamer, but I hope others can be inspired to connect with themselves and others this way.  Business people too!  I feel that if we are exposed to more, we learn more.  Because “tolerance” isn’t enough.  You tolerate the common cold!  Education, respect and acceptance is needed for peace.  Being open and sharing linguistic and cultural insights is a beautiful act of love and peace building. Why not tag a picture sometime with a word in the language of your heritage?  It’s who you are and it’s beautiful!  Make sure you tag me too because I’d love to see it!

Here is wonderful quote from the video…

“Language is the core of our identity and there’s so much more that you can understand about your heritage and your ancestry, and your value systems, your traditions, your religion, your philosophies of life; everything about your people is embedded in your language. That’s what young people are looking for, because they understand that growing up in an English only society isn’t giving you a full opportunity to experience your culture from within. You’re still looking at it from an outside perspective if you’re just talking about being a native person in English.”


Quote Reference, Larry Beardy:




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